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Badge Artwork

Colours and themes can be incorporated into the design of all badges. We can include your logo in most cases and guide you towards the best badge style to use for your purpose. We can also have custom-shape badges and medallions made. Share your ideas with us!

For more information on Artwork please follow this link.

Badge Styles

badge styles

Please note: Silver and Bronze colours in the "A" and "B" style badges are no longer available. Gold is still available in "A","B" and "C" styles.

  • See here for other badge styles available to order.

Badge Pricing

badge pricing

  • Pricing discounts apply to the total quantity ordered, including batches in different styles, but does not include non-standard fittings or artwork costs ( click here for more information on artwork). Pricing is valid from October 2013.

Badge Fittings

A, B and C metal badges are pre-fitted with a strong, simple to use brooch pin.

PL and PC are specialised plastic badges which can have one of 4 types of fittings attached:

Brooch Pin (Standard)
No additional cost.
add $2.50 ea.
Clip with pin
add $1.50 ea.
Swivel Clip with pin
add $1.50 ea.

Named Badges

If you have a list of more than 10 names, please send your list electronically in either MS Excel or MS Word table format. This will speed up the process and avoid the chance of errors.

Further instructions here.

Important Note on Postage

If you can't personally come into the store to collect your order we can ship to anywhere in Australia. We do not ship anywhere outside Australia.

Due to recent changes in the speed of Australia Post, we recommend ExpressPost shipping to ensure your order arrives in time. However, if you are in no hurry, or have allowed plenty of time, regular post should arrive to you within 2 weeks of shipping.

Please let us know the level of priority to use when sending your order.

We will let you know the exact cost of shipping prior to delivery.



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